Pastor's Bio

It all began about 65 years ago when Velma Hagood was begat into this world by Reverend and Mrs. Eugene Hagood. It had been prophesied that I was chosen by God. In the year 1972, I was saved. In the year 1973, I accepted the call into the ministry of  Jesus Christ. I had pastored two churches and overseer over eleven churches. I began seeking God in the year of 1988 for fresh revelation; through fasting and prayer, God began to reveal His plan to me.

June 5, 1991, I started Gospel Tabernacle of Faith Church. God revealed to me that He wanted His people to be taught faith and the Good News.  God showed me in a vision an outreach ministry to help the total man. My mission shall be for the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. It is to seek Christian fellowship, the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to provide services and Christian education for all MANKIND.

I have two doctorates, Doctor of Theology which I received from CLST and Doctor of Ministry from Beacon University of Columbus, Georgia. I am called of God in the apostolic role, and pastoring two churches; Gospel Tabernacle of Faith Church in Anderson, SC and Zion Tabernacle of Faith Church in Greenwood, SC. I have a host of pastors and wonderful congregations that are very supportive in helping me to accomplish this assignment I have been given of God.

Presently we have a feeding program in both churches and God has blessed tremendously in opening doors for support. In addition to regular church and worship services, God has shown me: Daycare Centers, Radio and Television ministry, Housing for homeless, Rehabilitation Centers for addiction, pregnancies, etc., Crisis center, Home and Foreign mission, and prison ministry.